Friday, November 5, 2010


This mural is meant to connect the two Ithacas: in Greece and New York.  Imagery is drawn from the Odyssey, referenced in the books in the central panel.  People seek both Ithacas for knowledge and beauty.

The two creatures in the side panels are also drawn from Greek mythology.  On the left is the god Pan, a satyr who is all about music, fun, joy and playfulness.  The Sphinx on the right represents knowledge, and you're not going to get by her without answering the riddle!

Painted on the parking garage on Cayuga St, for the 2010 Art in the Heart grant.  Central panel is 8' x 4', and the side panels are 2' x 4'.

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  1. I had noticed this painting but didn't know who did it. It's great!